Conference will be held on February 14 and February 15. 

Registration, check-in, and t-shirt sales will be Friday 1 - 6 & Saturday  9 - 2.

Friday Schedule

Session 1 (2-3:30)

“Home is the mouth of a shark”: The Roots of Forced Migration

How Social Media Surveillance Funnels Youth into the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Systemic Violence, Forced Labor, and Rights Abuses in Animal Agriculture

Hope in Times of Crisis: Climate, Immigration and Criminal Justice

Attacks on Movements and Resistance in Joint Struggle Mayors’ Staffers & City Employees Coffee Chat (2:45-3:45 PM)

Session 2 (4-5:30)

Movement Lawyering

How Corporate Constitutional Rights Harm You, Your Family, Your Community, Your Environment, and Democracy Itself

The South Has Something to Say

CCR/BxD Immigration Detention

Social Hour/Dinner (5:30-6:30)

Caucuses (7:45-9:10)

FGP/Working Class
+ Volunteer caucuses
(we will not organize these caucuses but attendees can volunteer to organize their own caucus during this time period)

Party at Gryphon’s (9:00 - 2:00)

Saturday Schedule

Breakfast (8-9)

Keynote - Kerry Ellington (9-10)

Session 3 (10-11:30 )

Collaborating across borders: Immigration lawyers’ reliance on in-country partners to win asylum cases

Reclaiming Our Legal Education: Alternatives By and For Progressive Law Students

Justice Impact Movement

Starting a Small or Solo Movement Lawyering Practice

The Collective Action Problem in Environmental Justice: Refocusing on Corporate Unaccountability and Collectivism

Lunch (11:30-12:30)

Breakout Sessions (12:00-1:30)

Impact Justice • People’s Parity Project • Climate Justice Immigration Justice • Intellectual Property• Free Speech Law and Political Economy • Labor • Organizing and Activism National Security • Prison Liberation • Queer Liberation

Session 4 (1:45 - 3:15)

Ending Solitary Confinement in America

It Could Happen to You

SLAPP Suits and Emerging Challenges to Free Speech

Decarceration, Abolition, and Liberation: We Don’t Need Police in Reproductive Justice!

Hillary Farber

OUR RIGHTS: Youth Dissenters and Activists on the Rights and Realities of the Next Generation

Session 5 (3:45-5:15)

National Justice Impact Association Panel